Second bedroom renovation

The second bedroom in our basement I renovated


Second bedroom renovation
The second bedroom in our basement I renovated

Of all of the basement, this room had the worst texture on the walls. It looked like someone rolled mud onto the wall using a paint roller and then just left it. It was spiky in places and looked like choppy seas in others. I had to jump on this bedroom sooner than I had anticipated because we had some water damage happen in this room.

Water damage on the ceiling of the bedroom

You can also see in that picture just how intense the texture on the ceiling is. The walls in that bedroom looked exactly the same and in most places worse. So I got to work pulling all of the drywall off the ceiling and started to pull all of the baseboards and trim off the walls. As I was pulling the trim off the closet, I started to notice that something was off about the closet. I realized that the closet was framed with 2x2s and in some spots, 2x4s faced the wrong direction. Which explained why there were accordion doors on the closet. A full-size door would have been too wide for the closet walls. As I was exploring the closet further, I realized that most of the framing studs were not full studs either. They were 2 studs standing on top of each other, the only thing holding them in place was the drywall. At this point, I decided that the closet had to go and had to be rebuilt. So I demolished the closet, which ended up only being attached to the floor. There was nothing but drywall mud attaching the closet walls to the ceiling and walls.

Me white as a ghost after sanding the drywall mud

I got to sanding the walls and rebuilding the closet. It was a similar process to the First bedroom


The bedroom before renovations


The bedroom with the new closet

The bedroom with the window

The bedroom with the accent wall painted