Basement Renovation

June 01, 2016

When we bought our house we knew that the basement would need some work done on it. The walls were poorly textured, the closets were built incorrectly, and the carpet was not great. Luckily this allowed us to get the house for a bit cheaper than market value and after living in it a while, we got to work.

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Lessons learned refactoring my basementFebruary 02, 2018

Working on my basement led to many experiences that have taught me important lessons

This week was my companies internal engineering conference where employees from engineering, product management, design, and program…Keep Reading


After a lot of hard work and many long days, it's finally done.

We started this project in June with demolition work on the room. And over 6 months later, it is finally done. There were many long nights…Keep Reading

Built in deskNovember 29, 2017

A built-in desk for our basement living room

We needed to tear out the old closet in our basement living room because it was built improperly and was also aesthetically unpleasing…Keep Reading


Next in the basement was the family room

The next room we wanted to tackle was the family room. Along with the usual poor texture, there was also a closet that was built very poorly…Keep Reading


The second bedroom in our basement I renovated

Of all of the basement, this room had the worst texture on the walls. It looked like someone rolled mud onto the wall using a paint roller…Keep Reading


The first bedroom in our basement I renovated

This actually took place last year but I’m just now getting around to writing about it. When we bought our home, we recognized that the…Keep Reading


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