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Long running jobs in AWS LambdaAugust 24, 2021

Using AWS Lambda to trigger long running jobs.

AWS Lambda has proven to be a powerful piece of infrastructure, capable of taking parts of our apps that were tied to a long running app server, and turn them into scalable, event driven, service oriented apps. Unfortunately, it has an execution time limit of only 15 minutes. Which makes it not well suited for executing long jobs that may require time-intensive workloads. There is a…Keep Reading


DynamoDB is a fully managed NoSQL document database provided by AWS

Two methods in DynamoDB allow us to fetch or write many items at once, and . They allow us to fetch or write many items, across multiple tables, in a single call. But there are a few caveats we must take into consideration for each method, to ensure we operate on all items. batchGetItem and batchWriteItem There are two things to keep in mind when using and . They both have a max number of items…Keep Reading


DynamoDB is a fully managed NoSQL document database provided by AWS

Most of the methods in DynamoDB take an object as their first parameter, which provides the necessary information to perform the requested operation. These options include things like the table name to operate against, the record you want to write to the database, or the index name that you want to query against. I often have to look up the names of the key names used for each of the parameters…Keep Reading


CSS in JS is all the rage, but how do you target nested components?

TL;DR Using a pattern of CSS overrides in Emotion can enable you to target nested components within a React application. Problem It is a common pattern to use CSS to target elements nested within another element, in order to only change the appearance of the element within a certain context. Using a CSS in JS solution such as Emotion makes this difficult because you end up with generated class…Keep Reading

Generating test IDsNovember 19, 2019

Automatically generate component unique test IDs for React

TL;DR An interesting approach to generating unique identifiers that can be used to target elements, during testing, in your React component render tree. Preface Because React Native does not have any concept of class names or ids, you use to find components in your render tree while testing. When I was working more in React Native, we would heavily use the prop in our tests to accurately target…Keep Reading


A build time draft state solution for markdown in gatsby.

The problem After completing the rewrite of my personal website using gatsby, I started migrating all my content from my old website to this one. In the process, I remembered that Jekyll had a way of indicating that a post was a draft, and thus should not be included in the final built version of the website, but would still show up while developing locally. I went searching for a similar way to…Keep Reading

when.jsNovember 05, 2014

Ensure async script dependencies are available before use

I’ve been thinking about javascript library dependencies (I’m going to use library in place of library/framework so that I don’t have to write it a bunch) in the browser lately and the async attribute on script tags. Script tags are render-blocking so if you required a library for your web app, all you needed to do was ensure that the library include was before your script include that uses the…Keep Reading

MemoizeOctober 12, 2014

How memoizing works and an explanation of a javascript implementation

Being a dad there isn’t much to make me prouder than to see my daughter trying to type on my computer so that she can be just like her daddy. So I decided to let her co-author this post with me (even though she can’t even speak). This last week was the career fair at BYU-Idaho where many companies, mostly from the surrounding area and Utah, came to recruit the best we have to offer. I interviewed…Keep Reading


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